Personal Training

Personal Training for Pilates, Yoga and Fitness available at £40 per session.

I am an experienced individual and group teacher instructor with over 14 years in the fitness and Pilates industry. I am passionate about sharing my skills to improve the physical and spiritual wellbeing of my clients. I have extremely high standards and always try to understand the needs and issues of my clients to ensure they feel the benefits. After a life changing accident I have utilised all my skills to help rehabilitate myself so that I may continue for many years to come teaching others.

I am always improving my knowledge and have a personal goal to become one of a handful of Pilates teachers worldwide to complete the Passing the Torch program. This means I will become a 2nd/3rd generation Pilates teacher training with a 1st or 2nd generation teacher.

Barefoot & minimal shoe running, Vibram Five Fingers sessions.  £35 first session

Indoor Cycling Technique Session
I can offer you a personal session in bike set up and interval training to improve your personal performance. I will share with you some of my experience as a triathlete, come on, lets go for a bike ride!

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