yoga pilates willpower method personal training at Whitefield PilatesTHE WILLPOWER METHOD is a barefoot cardio, strength and flexibility workout and I’m one the few teachers in the UK qualified to teach it, come along and join me in this revolutionary new class. 

MK PILATES  I’m proud to have trained with Michael King at the Pilates Institute.

JOSEPH PILATES  Find out more about Joseph Pilates.

PEAK PILATES Suppliers of Pilates equipment.

MANCHESTER SPORTS MEDICINE For the best in shoulder, hip, knees ankles and spinal surgical advice and treatment.

THE KNEE DOC The Knee Doc is online resource providing a comprehensive patient knowledge database and professional education material on Knee problems.

THE CHEK INSTITUTE  The C.H.E.K Institute provides cutting edge, clinically and scientifically-based educational programs, products and services for the fitness and health care professional.

PILATES ON FIFTH  Great videos to do some Pilates at home.

Pilates Anytime

THE SHOULDER DOC  Professor Len Funk & Mr Mike Walton are excellent shoulder surgeons.

I was thrilled to be selected as a 2012 Olympics Local Leader and very much enjoyed throwing an Olympic torch relay cupcake party!  Read more about it here.

Halo Proactive Sportswash  Great for washing kit and trainers, kills all germs at low temperature washes, as seen on Dragons Den.

Far Infrared Cocoon System  This unique combination of cutting edge Far Infrared and Environmental technology will detoxify, energize and rejuvenate the body. The equipment used is portable, safe and extremely simple to use.  Talk to me about Far Infrared.

I’m a JUICE PLUS distributor, please visit my Juice Plus Shop.

Hyalual® Daily Delux provides freshness and tonus, removes all traces of fatigue and ensures care for Your skin. Hyalual® Daily Delux is composed of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.
To order Daily Delux please contact me here.
yoga pilates willpower personal training at Whitefield Pilates
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